It seems even a miniature, but the mills are Penha Garcia « .

MILLS DPENHA GARCIA A country made of pieces of history, which gold nuggets, juntam that for, together, offering the world …

A country made of pieces of history, which gold nuggets, juntam that for, together, offer to the world one of the most beautiful and authentic pieces of human heritage.

There is a place paradíaco dream, rather it is a real place that allows us to dream and live in paradise. É silence soul paints us, is quiet on looms large, is the soul that fills us is better than our.

Penha Garcia is a parish in the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, with 128,57 km ² the área email 748 people (2011). Altitude Media: 480m.

Penha Garcia is one of the places most worthy of a postcard. The unique beauty of its landscape almost needs no words, it was not really important to underline that same beauty for those who do not know Penha Garcia.

The beautiful houses typical, protected by huge walls, invite visitors to routes through alleys and winding alleys that lead to the top of the castle that allows us to glimpse a magnetic landscape of the valley where the river runs Pônsul, accompanied by their mills.

The most avid visitor of adventure and spirit more exploitative, find here the Fossils Trail, a course of about an hour and half, Which brings us to the top of the castle to the dam of Penha Garcia. By monitoring the banks of the River refreshing Pônsul, yes you can see up close traditional houses, its interior, water mills and still call home fossils halfway through.

The region is rich in prehistoric remains and Roman, latter well documented in the ruins of the chapel of S.Lourenço.

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